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Air Jordan 7 XX8 Days of Flight

The countdown earlier this year to the Air Jordan XX8 nicknamed the ‘XX8 Days of Flight’ prompted 27-day countdown to the new signature featuring every signature that came before it. Each sample pair from the collection sported a black leather and neon green outsole and

Air Jordan 17 XX8 Days of Flight

Yet another Air Jordan XX8 Days of Flight silhouette has popped up on eBay. The Air Jordan 17 iteration is pictured nicely below in a series of detailed photos. Most notable on the silhouette is the leather construction; unlike the ‘CDP’ Air Jordan 17 but

Air Jordan 11 XX8 Days of Flight

February’s Air Jordan XX8 Days of Flight series chronicled every Jordan silhouette beginning at 1 and culminating with XX8. Jordan Brand threw a bit of curveball when they decided to give each pair away to some lucky and fortunate winners at random. In a move

Air Jordan 2012 “XX8 Days of Flight”

The XX8 Days of Flight wraps up with the Air Jordan 2012. Last year’s model followed the path of the Air Jordan 2011, featuring a combination of insoles while adding two inserts…giving you six ways to wear the Air Jordan 2012. You can choose to

Air Jordan 2011 “XX8 Days of Flight”

One day out from the release of the Air Jordan XX8 and we are now (after today) one silhouette away from the completion of the XX8 Days of Flight upon the XX8’s release. February 2011, the Air Jordan 2011 released…featuring a design made for the

Air Jordan 2010 “XX8 Days of Flight”

The Air Jordan 2010 was the second installment of post numerical signature silhouettes in the Air Jordan line, it showed that Jordan Brand was determined to keep the Jordan line alive. It featured a bit of elephant print on the tongue and midsole, patent leather

Air Jordan 2009 “XX8 Days of Flight”

Today’s XX8 Days of Flight takes us back to 2009…then a year after the Air Jordan XX3; Jordan Brand began its push to the future beyond the numbered installments in the Air Jordan signature line. The Air Jordan 2009 caught a few off guard with