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Nike Air Yeezy Selvedge Denim Custom

When customs are executed to perfection they become a thing of beauty. But when you take a beloved and wildly desire sneaker such as the Nike Air Yeezy and you execute that silhouette to perfection…the beauty is amplified. JBF Customs takes to the initial Kanye

Nike Zoom Revis Yeezy Custom

The Nike Air Yeezy has made its presence known this week with yet another┬ácustom. This go round, the Nike Zoom Revis gets the Yeezy treatment via Megasoria1. The trainer that is now no strange to custom work is turned into the ‘Solar Red’ colorway of

Nike Air Yeezy 3 Rough Sketches

This post is indeed entitled “Nike Air Yeezy 3 Rough Sketches”. The fate of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 is still way up in the air as no one seems to be quite sure as to if we will see another colorway releasing anytime soon.

Nike LeBron 8 Low Lebreezy Custom

Everything as of late has been Yeezy driven it seems. With every turn it is Yeezy this and Yeezy that, no one can seem to escape the black and pink trend that is the Yeezy. Mache has even gotten in on the action in Mache

Air Jordan 3 Threezy Trio Custom

Back in August DeJesus Customs dropped a custom using the Air Jordan 3 inspired by the Nike Air Yeezy. Since that custom was completed and surfaced, the inquiries have flown in asking for more from the artist. Ask and you shall receive, DeJesus has completed