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Nike Dishes Untold Story of the Air Max Plus

Nike’s Air Max Plus is only two months away (at the time of this article) from its 20th anniversary. Time surely flies. Since returning on a couple occasions over the last decade including 2014 and again this year but with some modifications. But be that

Nike Lab Goes to Work on the Air Max Plus

Nike’s Air Max Plus is quietly approaching its 20th anniversary, set aside in 2018…you can expect the Swoosh to perhaps to do something with the Air Max model. But being one of the cult classics of the Air Max line is a lane reserved only

Nike Presents: Air Max Archives

With today being Air Max Day….Nike is sparing no expense and leaving no stone unturned to celebrate this particular pillar of the Swoosh. And today Nike takes us through the hallowed halls of the nearly three decade long journey yet again with a different look

The Evolution of Visible Air

Air…it is all around us; we know that it is comprised of multiple gaseous elements we cannot see with the trained eye. But yet…Nike was somehow able to take Air and make it visible. Those multiple elements aside, the concept of Air was a simple