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CNCPTS Announces Hyannis x New Balance 999 Online Release

CNCPTS x New Balance re-released their 2011 project two weeks ago exclusively for Complex Con…or so we thought. Because the duo will be launching the collaboration again this week. Specifically, Thursday. After introducing a new red heel lip to the color scheme and releasing it

CNCPTS x New Balance 999 Hyannis Re-Releasing at Complex Con

CNCPTS x New Balance are bringing back a favorite collaboration from 2011 this weekend and there’s only one place you can scoop. Releasing exclusively at Complex Con this weekend, the project retains its original look, remastered for re-release. Complete with nautical vibes and feels, the

Villa x New Balance 247 The Collective

Art. It is the artistry of the imagination that envelops the mind of a designer when cheating a silhouette or colorway. With endless sources of inspiration. Philadelphia based Villa has more than expanded their reach and are embracing the artistic side of the ledger with

CNCPTS x New Balance 997.5 Esplanade

CNCPTS x New Balance having worked together in the past are patterning again. The Massachusetts entities find inspiration in the Charles River Esplanade of Boston, and create a friendly nature driven and waterfront friendly-look complete with brightly lit hues and deep and soothing grey tones…this