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Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Glitter Bear

Oh Jeremy Scott, every time we think you have completely shown us your hand you always pull another ace out of your sleeve. The infamous JS Teddy Bear gets a very, extremely jazzy makeover. The two bears are doused entirely in what looks like thousands

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Wings 2.0 Dollars

Jeremy Scott has definitely been known to come up with some wild designs and concepts but this one gives the others a run for its money. Literally. This Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Wings 2.0 is completely shrouded in dollar bills. Dollar bills with Jeremy

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Orignals “Poodle”

Inside the mind of Jeremy Scott lies only God knows what…he’s brought for shoes with wings, tails, animal heads and all kinds of colors. This pair falls in the animal heads category…joining the teddy, gorilla, panda is the newest animal head…the poodle. Constructed of a

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Bear “Camo”

Earlier this week we got a look at the next Jeremy Scott Adidas release as he teams with Eason Chan but this upcoming release is something that you could get warm and fuzzy about…or a combination of rugged and in the trenches. As the lovable JS Teddy

Eason Chan x Jeremy Scott x Adidas Wings

Jeremy Scott…what can be said about the eccentric designer that has not already been said? His designs brash, his imagination daring. This in combination with popular Chinese singer, Eason Chan has created the new iteration in the Adidas Wings collection. Featuring the original Wings silhouette

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 “Silver Mesh”

Jeremy Scott is known for his corky and outlandish…sometimes outrageous but extravagant designs. His collaborations with Adidas are heavily sought over just for those reasons. Perhaps Scott’s most noticeable and infamous design…the JS Wings…gets another makeover. We’ve seen the wings glow in the dark, sport a psychedelic look,