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Read & React: The Foot Race that is Nike vs Adidas

When Nike unveiled their newest runner earlier in the week; the Nike Epic React Flyknit, the immediate question and talking point was: “is this Nike’s response to Adidas’ Boost technology? Can this me the Boost ‘killer’?” While the latter remains to be seen, the first notion

Just Embrace Dad Fashion. Trust Us.

So you’re looking at the world around you and you’re like…what in the #%?! is going on. Why in the hell is everyone out here dressing like their someone’s father? Well, we’re here to encourage you to just embrace “dad fashion”. The origin of the

The Curious Case that is the Air Jordan XXX

As we stand on the doorstep of the Air Jordan XXX1’s launch…it was only a short seven months ago that the world was formally introduced to the Air Jordan XXX. Billed as the next frontier of flight…the Air Jordan XXX was headed by designers, Tinker

MJ Mondays: Leap Day

Today, February 29th comes around every four years and it just so happens that this year “Leap Day” as it is known has landed on a Monday. And Mondays in the sneaker community is known as “MJ Mondays”. The first installment of our MJ Mondays for 2016 takes

Is Kanye West Leaving a Generational Impact?

This has been something I have thought about lately. And it is quite the interesting dynamic. In between the Yeezy Season 1 release in late October and the ‘Moonrock’ Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost from November…the timing could not have been any better. As I sat and I