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Daniel Arsham x Adidas Consortium Future Runner 4D

Daniel Arsham x Adidas Consortium are bringing forth the newest evolutionary phase in Futurecraft technology as the duo is dropping a Future Runner 4D this week. The New York-based contemporary artist brings an Aero Green Primeknit appearance to the model similar to the color of the

Adidas to Release First 3D-Printed Runner

In the last calendar year, we’ve seen Adidas hone what can only be described as revolutionary with the Adidas Futurecraft series. Beginning with the iconic Adidas Superstar and precise leather cuts, the model was a promise of what is to come. From there panning to

The World Eagerly Awaits the Adidas Futurecraft 3D Shoe

Adidas might just be on to something…something so unfathomable it just can only be described as freaking unbelievable. Adidas Futurecraft is precision personified. From the material to the fine cutting and construction of the elements that comprise a Futurecraft silhouette, it is only a short

Adidas Futurecraft Introduces a 3D Printed Midsole

Okay, so with all this Back to the Future-2015 talk and what not…we’re pretty much inferring ourselves to living in the future. However, the future was predicted is not exactly how the present has played out. Nonetheless, the technological advances are astonishing in the footwear