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Colorway Overkill?

This is perhaps one of the oldest arguments in sneaker community history. But, it is one that has managed to repeat itself over and over, especially in recent memory with this latest sneaker interest boom. The thing about it is…it can be disputed from various

Shoetopia DC Event Recap

Yesterday, the Verizon Center in Washington, DC hosted Shoetopia DC…and might we say it delivered as advertised. The lower concourse level normally filled with hundreds or even thousands of Wizards fans (and fans of the visiting team) was instead filled with hundreds of sneaker¬†enthusiasts. The

2013: Year of the Pass

2013…2013…coming off the heels of an outrageous 2012, it was certain that 2013 would pick right up where 2012 left off. Well it has in some ways but it has not manifested itself to be the action packed year that 2012 was. If we have

Baltimore Sneaker Show 2K12 Tale of the Tape

Tomorrow. The biggest sneaker competition west of the Chesapeake Bay will officially be going down! And, it can only be seen if you’re in the house at the Melo Center (1100 E. Fayette St.) for the Baltimore Sneaker Show. Eight participants…$500 to the winner. To