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Nike Unveils the Science Behind the NBA Game Uniforms

With the 2016-17 NBA season in the books and the WNBA season at the midway point in the season, we are inching closer to Nike supplanting Adidas as the NBA’s official outfitter. For the first time ever, we have a comprehensive look into the make-up

Atlanta Hawks Redefining the Fan Experience 

The Atlanta Hawks have become a social media darling in the last few years. From their in-arena promotions including Tinder Night…but the Hawks are taking Philips Arena to new heights in a quest to present the best fan experience in the NBA. The current home

Minnesota Twins Honor Prince with ‘Prince Night’

Minnesota loves their own and the love the city of Minneapolis has for Prince Rogers Nelson is astronomical, it is fruitful, plentiful and abound. With a still beating heart, the Minnesota Twins will be celebrating The Purple One with a celebration of life and music, the

Michael Phelps to Race Shark During ‘Shark Week’

Okay…let me just get this out. What the #%?!…okay…better. Because that was the first thought in my head and probably other people’s when the Discovery Channel announced Michael Phelps, the 23-time Olympic Gold Medalist is going to take on the rather ominous great white shark.

NFL Finally Lightening Up Their Celebration Policy

Finally. It was an uphill climb but finally, celebrating is not a crime any longer in the NFL. Well, to a degree. Tuesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced in an official statement what is now permitted by the league for touchdown celebrations, examples include: using

Adidas Unveils New Manchester United Away Kit

Manchester United is one of the pristine football clubs in all of the world. And the club is as recognizable a brand as it is for its prowess on the pitch historically. Adidas on Wednesday unveiled the next era in Manchester United’s history and presence.