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We: The Sneaker Culture

With this week virtually in the books this post has developed that much more meaning at least in my eyes and I hope the words that follow articulate this notion. Between conversations on Sunday, watching a video on Monday which delivered a gem I was

Penny Pinching: What’s The Most You’d Pay?

To be completely honest; it feels great to finally have this piece in motion…only taken a couple weeks to get it together. But the topic arises from the recent years of rising prices across the spectrum. Now there are actual economic factors in play that

The Decision: Impact on the Nike LeBron Signature Line

Today marks the four-year anniversary of what is utterly known as “The Decision”. In that now famous hour long television special, LeBron James shocked the world with 16 words;¬†“this fall, I’m going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.”¬†Sixteen short

Cultural Endurance

It only felt like yesterday when it felt as if the biggest topic in the sneaker culture was this immense influx of hype that was just injected into this small culture. It felt that a war had broken out between presumed “sneakerheads” and “hypebeasts”. Releases

Remastered+ : Why The Retro+ Should Return

Last weekend’s overarching headline was the answer by Jordan Brand to the call better quality with the retros. After all…retros are the lifeblood of Jordan Brand. The lure of wearing the same shoes that His Airness wore on court drew fans of all ages to

Release Rewind: Nike Air Yeezy 2

Release dates come and go and once they pass…we don’t ever really give them too much thought thereafter. But there are some moments in time that we firmly remember. Even if we do not remember the date. Two years ago, the Nike Air Yeezy 2

The Air Jordan Paradox

As I’ve thought about this topic for weeks, it’s one in my mind that is worth debating. And by all means, I would like to hear everyone’s individual stance on the subject. Because as time moves forward it is one that is worth talking about.