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There’s an OVO NYC Flagship Store in the Works

In the last week; Drake’s fourth studio album VIEWS has gone quadruple platinum…and now the OVO crew has teased a flagship location in New York City. In a Gotham City influenced teaser, the video showcases the “Big Apple’s” skyline and in a greyscale cinematic touch; a camera

Kanye West Reportedly Cancels Remaining Saint Pablo Tour Shows

“It was all good just a week ago.” – Kanye West, H.A.M. from Watch the Throne The quote above is not only timely, but it is appropriate all things considered. No stranger to controversy, the brash and wildly outspoken Kanye West has spoken his mind in the public eye

The Origins of Gel Technology as Told by Asics

Thirty years is quite a long time to do anything…including innovate and revolutionize. Asics, 30-years ago revolutionized how cushioning is implemented into our footwear. In a brief history lesson, we take a trip back to the 1950s and later into the 1970s and 1980s when

Nike Basketball’s “Come Out of Nowhere” Campaign

The NBA tips off its 2016-17 regular season tonight in Cleveland as the Cavaliers raise their first championship banner. As we await the season opener, Nike Basketball begins their season-long “Come Out of Nowhere” campaign and begins in the epicenter of the sports world and take