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Nike iD Zoom KD VI Chroma Option

Yesterday KD bestowed upon us the first full color theme option for the Zoom KD VI. Nicknamed the ‘Chroma’, the option features an iridescent appearance that changes colors in various lighting. The Chroma option comes in seven colors and with a slew, 16 to be

Adidas Originals House of Mutombo | The Journey

Last week came the teaser for the Adidas Originals video series entitled the House of Mutombo. The video series chronicles the journey of Dikembe Mutombo and the Adidas Mutombo Retro which is releasing on August 24th. We take a journey from Dikembe’s humbled beginnings to the steps of

Adidas Originals House of Mutombo Video Series Teaser

How big is the House of Mutombo you might ask…well it would have to be pretty tall on the account that Dikembe Mutombo is over 7-feet tall. According to Adidas however; the house is “BIGGER” than you think. Well the Three Stripes takes us within

Nike Zoom Revis Air Mag Custom

For all those who follow the site on Twitter, you might remember us unofficially dubbing Dank’s ‘Olympic’ Air Jordan 7 custom, the “custom of the year”…well after seeing this custom we are rethinking our opinion. This custom might just be atop the leaderboard and the

Nike x Kevin Durant Backpack

It was only a matter of time before Nike constructed Kevin Durant’s favorite accessory for the general public. Becoming a staple at press conferences and other appearances of the 3-time Scoring Champion…his backpack which he revealed the contents of. Now you will have a chance

Windows II The Sole I

Why do we do what we do? Why collect? Why buy all these sneakers? Every true sneakerhead has been faced with these questions but your honesty and love shows through your answers. That love and honesty is evident from the start with true ‘heads. And

Baltimore Sneaker Show 2K12 Tale of the Tape

Tomorrow. The biggest sneaker competition west of the Chesapeake Bay will officially be going down! And, it can only be seen if you’re in the house at the Melo Center (1100 E. Fayette St.) for the Baltimore Sneaker Show. Eight participants…$500 to the winner. To