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Apple’s iPhone Turns 10

To say time flies would be an understatement. After 10-years and around 15 iterations later…the Apple iPhone has become a staple in the technology industry…but also in our everyday lives. It was a decade ago Monday that Steve Jobs introduced the world to the original

Apple AirPods Now Available

Much has been made of the fate of the Apple AirPods…the wireless headphones¬†were set to debut in October, one month removed from the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus respectively. However, the initial deadline came and went without the AirPods. Without a

Apple Encourages Coding During Computer Science Education Week

Think about your favorite website or favorite blog (hopefully you like this one), but think for second that your favorite site; everything you visualize and contextualize is all coded. Apple is stepping in during this the Computer Science Education Week and has opened registration at