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Graduation: 10 Years Later

“Wake up Mr. West, Mr. West, Mr. Fresh, Mr. by hisself, he so impressed…” -Kanye West on ‘Good Morning’ Good Morning  Those are the profound opening lyrics that are rather symphonic and set the entire tone for Kanye West’s third studio album, Graduation. Symphonic and synchronous to a

2K Sports Reveals NBA 2K18 Cover with Kyrie in Celtics Uniform

The original unveiling of NBA 2K18 cover athlete featured Kyrie Irving with his then-current squad, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Where he spent every season in his NBA career. But in late-July, Irving reportedly requested a trade that landed him with the Boston Celtics. 2K even poked

Uncle Drew is Ready for Feature Length Close-Up

“Don’t reach Youngblood,” – Uncle Drew Kyrie Irving has an eventful summer. He’s visited Asia as part of his tour with Nike Basketball, but he also was granted a trade to the Boston Celtics in exchange for Isaiah Thomas but he’s also back in character

Watch This Anchor Drop 42 Travis Scott References 

The magic of television is a wonderful, wonderful thing. So just how hard is it to be Ultra creative day in and day out, and to be charismatic when the red light comes on. As someone who works in television; I can attest by first

Assassin’s Creed Origins Takes Us Through Ancient Egypt

Over the course of a decade, the brilliant minds at Ubisoft have created an undisputed juggernaut in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. During this span, a number of video game titles have been released; from the Desmond Miles arc to a number of spin-offs and collections. Expanding the