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MJ Mondays: Nike Air

Time has surely passed since the last iteration of MJ Mondays…however, the first summer installment takes us to the giant elephant in the room. And no this is not a double negative by any means. This past weekend saw the retro release of the ‘Bordeaux’

MJ Mondays: Barcelona Days & Barcelona Nights

It has been quite a while since our previous installment of MJ Mondays. We left off in late-March with the Double Nickel game in Madison Square Garden on MJ’s first comeback tour. But as we mulled over various topics and perspectives to begin a fresh

MJ Mondays: Double Nickel

Last week’s installment of MJ Mondays boasted that the following installment would celebrate a special anniversary. And today we do just that…we look further into this particular anniversary in a year filled with anniversaries for Jordan Brand. The timeline of events that surround Michael Jordan’s

MJ Mondays: Banned

Our MJ Mondays segment continues this week as we looked last week at the Nike Air Ship and this week the Air Jordan 1. And when it comes to the Air Jordan 1…only one word in the last five years has come to the forefront.

MJ Mondays: Nike Air Ship

MJ Mondays. Everyone probably knows what it is; the wildly popular hashtag which started on Instagram and later found its way to Twitter, now covers the entire social media landscape. All sneaker enthusiast and sport inspired; the hashtag has taken on a life of its