Sole-U also known as Sole University was a one of a kind social medium for the sneaker culture. Sole-U started as a small Facebook group in the summer of 2011 by four college students from Maryland. Later in the year, the official website launched followed by accounts on all major social media networks. Sole-U is a product of the DMV (DC, Maryland, & Virginia) area.

Originally our “Sneaker Life. College Life.” motto was the collective mindset of each member of Sole-U and our ambassadors. It is not only a saying but a lifestyle in which we all live by and operate our brand by. However we now look to venture deeper into the culture – through varying avenues. As we have grown older, our interests have grown. And the culture has truly grown in the time since our launch and we believe the blog and brand should reflect the growth of the culture.

We promise to stay true to our roots and the Sneaker Life, but touch multiple walks of life and culture. While paying homage to our College Life roots as well.

We strive to be not only a respected local sneaker/cultural news source but a respected national sneaker/cultural news source.


Welcome to the new Sole-U.