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LeBron Watch PEs to Release at Foot Locker

So you missed out on every single Draw for LeBron’s special PEs influenced and inspired by Nike icons both human and personified…well fear not; you have a second chance. Because the LeBron Watch Diamond Turf, ACG Mowabb, Orange Box, Air Max 95 and Griffey will

LeBron Watch Begins with a Bill Bowerman Ode

“When I was a kid, the athletes and the shoes represented in this series inspired me to chase my dream of one day becoming a professional athlete. It’s important to me to share these stories and inspiration with my fans. I want them to be

Nike LeBron 11 Watch the Throne New Images

2011 proved to be the year that we indeed all watched the throne. Jay-Z and Kanye’s highly anticipated and later highly acclaimed album gave birth to the ‘Watch the Throne’ Nike LeBron 9. Three years later the Nike LeBron 11 of the same luxurious theme

Nike LeBron 11 Watch the Throne

Watch the Throne 2 just might be in the works…just a hunch as told by the ‘Watch the Throne’ Nike LeBron 11. A sequel to the ‘Watch the Throne’ Nike LeBron 9 from 2011…the theme skipped last cycle’s LeBron 10 and jumped up one. A

Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite Un-Watch the Throne Custom

When Jay-Z’s and Kanye’s Watch the Throne album dropped back in summer 2011; we later saw (in one of our first posts) the ‘WTT’ Nike LeBron 9. We eventually got an exclusive look at the exclusive pair toward the end of that year. But; we

Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite “Watch the Throne” Custom

2011’s ‘Watch the Throne’ spawned a ‘WTT’ themed Nike LeBron 9, a combination of Jay-Z’s and LeBron’s relationship. The shoe became a thing of lure and almost of myth. It now has become a custom dream for other iterations of the LeBron 9; including the