Steph Curry’s All-Star Weekend Curry 6 Features Japanese Inspiration & A Play on Words

Steph Curry earned the nickname the “Baby-Faced Assassin” given his unreal shooting prowess and then-kid like looks. Now 30, going on 31 and entering his sixth NBA All-Star Game once again as a starter…Curry is a three-time champion and two-time NBA Most Valuable Player. The latter being the only unanimous in league history. Under Armour takes the Curry 6 and applies not only Japanese storytelling, but a clever usage of a pun.

“We went to a little Japanese steakhouse to celebrate, and decisions were made to jump in the koi fish pond at the restaurant. I was the decoy distracting the hostess while Steve [Rossiter] jumped in and tried to grab one of the fish,” – Steph Curry

It is from this trip to Japan that we find the koi fish angle of the story but it is also his demeanor that has followed Curry since his collegiate days at Davidson as the play on words for “koi”; being “coy”. Hence the ‘Coy Fish”. The bright neon yellow color scheme mimics the koi fish’s appearance and the overall play of Curry as a prankster comes as he returns home to North Carolina.

Release is scheduled for February 13th in limited quantities at the Armoury at Champs Sports in the Carolina Place Mall in Pineville, NC. Beginning at 4 pm. And releasing on a wider scale February 15th online at UA, at UA brand houses and select retailers. Additionally at the SC30 x Oakland pop-up shop located at 472 9th Street in downtown Oakland.