Jerry Lorenzo Captures the Spirit of Basketball in the Fear of God x Nike Project

Basketball is a special game should you find the beauty and grace within it. Seeing the sport as more than just four quarters and a shot clock…but the unbridled love that the game exudes. From its inception; and the milk crate…to the inner city and the twine and chain nets…to the polished gyms and venues across the globe to the rural small towns where hoop dreams still live. The game is beautiful, the game will return to you, the same love you give it…this game is an art, it is a partnership, it’s love.

Fear of God founder and designer, Jerry Lorenzo is out to capture that love and that spirit with the Nike x Fear of God collection. Featuring the Nike Air Fear of God 1…the model takes basketball into a pristine “holy land”…high fashion meets the squeaking of the sneakers on the court.

“It is a shoe that should only be judged by the emotion it gives the kid when he first sees it — however it makes him feel” – Jerry Lorenzo

The emotion invoked by the game is returned to the collaboration….where at the heart of it is a design that pays its respect to the era of the 1980s and 90s, the era of Lorenzo’s youth, when the game first captured his imagination. Taking cues from the Nike Air Max 180 and with an assist from the OG ads, the Nike Air FOG 1 gets its beauty and aesthetics, even down to the translucent visible double-stacked Air unit…with the light peering through. After all…the eyes…are the window to the soul.

The Fear of God x Nike collection releases December 15th.

Update (1. 8. 19.): The ‘Light Bone’ Nike Air Fear of God 1 releases January 19th at select Nike retailers