Allen Iverson Previews Reebok I3 Legacy Silhouette

Allen Iverson defied naysayers left and right his entire life and his entire professional career to become one of the more popular superstars of his era. Beginning in November that same defiance has led to two Iverson-based releases; the first being the Answer IV.V (November 10th) and the new I3 Legacy silhouette (November 15th). The look comes with the signature high build that has spanned the two decade-plus run of Iverson’s Reebok signature line. And taking after the Reebok Answer I DMX 10, the midsole and outsole utilizes the concept while appearing to take other cues from various other Iverson signatures.

Launch of the Reebok I3 Legacy comes November 15th at select Reebok Classic stocklists.