Tom Sachs Newest Mars Yard Specializes in the Art of Overdoing

“As an artist, the greatest thing Nike has given me is the ability to expand my creative process and think ‘these are not constraints, these are other ways of thinking.’ It’s very valuable,” – Tom Sachs

Tom Sachs, creator of the Nike Mars Yard projects is back with another collaborative effort. This time around, the project is a testament to the idea that even the smallest idea, the slightest can spark something great. The story is one that features highs and lows, trial and error but it is rooted in risk and testing. Lets be honest, nobody enjoys inclement weather…particularly sneakerheads, but that’s life…so for Sachs the design of the Mars Yard Overshoe was built out of a necessity.

This latest installment in the Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard story comes October 11th in conjunction with Sachs’ latest film Paradox Bullets. A limited release is scheduled for that day at DSM London with a global launch to follow. Stay with Sole-U for the latest.