Parley x Adidas Create Real Madrid Kit from Oceanic Plastic

Recycling has been the driving force in the mission to save our planet and make our planet cleanlier for decades. Parley for the Oceans x Adidas have found common ground in saving Mother Earth through their usage of recycled oceanic plastic for sustainable footwear. However, the partnership is expanding reaching further into the sporting realm as Real Madrid becomes the subject of recycled, sustainable kits. The 2018/19 kits stand out thanks to a vibrant coral pallet.

“Real Madrid has the power to amplify our message, to share it with their massive global following & to bring it to life with their own decisions & actions,” – Cyrill Gutsch Founder, Parley For The Oceans

The Real Madrid third kit by Parley x Adidas is currently available online at Adidas in both authentic and replica forms.