IKEA Announces Several Projects During Domestic Design Days 2018

Day one of IKEA’s Domestic Design Days 2018 was highly anticipated thanks to the MARKERAD project with Virgil Abloh. But there is a whole lot more in the works than just Abloh’s project as we saw in the very first day of Domestic Design Days 2018. IKEA revealed a number of projects coming from Lego, Adidas, Colette founder; Sarah Andelman and Craig Redman and Swedish textile designer, Martin Bergström just to name a few. Also a number of in-house projects as well.

And in the second day; announcements came in the way of collaborative efforts will Stefan Diez, Saint Heron and Little Sun. With so much on the table and forthcoming from IKEA it is a lot to keep up with, head over to IKEA Today for more info on each individual project.