Details on Virgil Abloh x IKEA Project

“If we can make that same halo effect on a chair, on a credenza, on a rug or on a display case…then you have a sense of pride in it. Then you’re appreciating the design,” – Virgil Abloh   

Virgil Abloh x IKEA are putting their creative and collective minds together to…for a lack of a better term “disrupt” the world of design. During the dissertation on the project we learned some key things about it including the title of the collection which was not revealed until Monday. From New York, we were treated during a live stream with questions to the nature of the collaboration; how Virgil looks at design and the process that goes into creating product. The interesting part about the whole thing is, the project is very much in the prototype stage and Virgil makes a continued reference to “visual feedback”. Which will play a role in determining how much the project shifts in the coming months.

While there is no target date set; we do know the project will release in 2019. So far, we’ve seen items that include; a doorstop which is a small but intricate piece to the collection as it doubles as the base of a chair…the chair also designed by Virgil is met by a display case, tote bag, blanket, pillows, table and rugs. Without divulging the inspiration and process into the creation of each; we’re only treated to a couple deep dives as the other pieces are in the backdrop.

Lastly, the collection which was without a publicly known title; now is revealed…”MARKERAD”. When translated from Swedish to English; the word means “marked”.  We’ll learn and see more from the collection at the Democratic Design Days in June.