Behind the Design of Sean Wotherspoon’s Air Max 1/97

2017 brought us the Revolutionairs campaign from Nike during the Air Max Day festivities. With the campaign came the opportunity to vote for one Air Max design to release one year later during the 2018 Air Max Day celebration. What came of it was Sean Wotherspoon’s Air Max 1/97, releasing on Air Max Day, March 26th. For Wotherspoon, the man behind the Round Two vintage shops in Richmond and Los Angeles…the concept was crafted one night over pizza with a group of peers.

“I wanted as many opinions as possible. I tried to bring together people who represent different types of sneakerheads, collectors, consumers, and styles,” – Sean Wotherspoon

The design which was introduced last year immediately resonated with the public at-large as evident by its selection and its limited launch late last year. Equipped with corduroy wrapped around the Air Max 97’s rigid upper that rests upon the midsole/outsole of the Air Max 1 below. The bright and pastel colors that ride the upper is an extension of the vintage 80s and 90s feel of Round Two and fashion of that era.

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