Parisian Bliss: A Tribute to BWGH

David Obadia’s BWGH (Brooklyn We Go Hard) fashion label established in 2010, and in just a short four years time…the brand became one of the more renown ones across the globe. The commercial success of the brand led to collaborations with names such as Puma, KITH, Colette and Opening Ceremony to name a few. From the onset, minimalism was established as a prominent fixture…from the collegiate vibes of their crewnecks that caught on in 2012 to the elegance and flair of the Color Meditation collection. The keen eye and attention to detail that brought life to the Puma projects.

However just when the wave could not be any higher and the spotlight could not be any brighter…just like the supernova, it was gone. Obadia chose to focus his attention and relentless passion of streetwear to create a new, high-end label; Harmony. Obadia shared his desire to expand beyond BWGH with Complex in 2014:

“BWGH is based for a streetwear audience, and it is exactly what I love in streetwear. But I have another part of me that loves high fashion and contemporary designers. So I decided to have two different types of brands. Also, Harmony has women’s designs, because it was a big goal for me to do women’s. To me, if you’re doing fashion, the real ‘fashion’ is women’s wear because it’s more difficult. You have to work in cuts, materials, particular shapes, and it’s more fun,” – David Obadia

And with that…came Obadia’s shift into the high-end fashion world, leaving BWGH behind. Solely dedicated to the imprint BWGH in its brief time, and the absence the label left in streetwear culture; Frederik Drost has taken it upon himself to honor the legacy left behind. Offering his insight, the personal homage takes a look back at BWGH’s projects, collaborations and collections. Follow the link to check out the homage on Katoni.