Carmelo Anthony Breaks Out New Melo 1.5

Carmelo Anthony is adjusting to his new home in Oklahoma City and with that comes some growing pains. Of course there is the on-court adjustments with the new trio affectionately known as “OK3” but there was also the report that Melo’s signature line was being discontinued. A report, Melo shot down and Jordan Brand went mute on. Carmelo broke out ‘ol faithful Tuesday night at home against the Portland Trail Blazers in the form of the Jordan Melo 1.5¬†which last appeared in 2014.

Melo going to a brand-new PE featuring a slightly camouflaged, elephant print-like look on the base layer. Trimmed with orange and navy, the white-dominated signature might pave the way for more Melo 1.5 appearances this season.

via Getty Images