Chris Jericho Reveals His Favorite Opponents

Chris Jericho’s illustrious, two-decade plus career will one day land him in the WWE Hall of Fame. From Mexico to Japan to the bingo halls and small arena that was ECW, to WCW and finally WWF/WWE…Jericho has been a star everywhere he has gone. Holding numerous championships, garnering accolades over the years…the lead singer of Fozzy is a wrestler first and over his career, Jericho has held his own with many of the who’s who in sports-entertainment. Let him tell you to this day how he defeated both Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night to become the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion. Vengeance 2001…good watch. Even that moment and those opponents did not make Jericho’s top-five…so here is a new list of Jericho; his top-five favorite opponents courtesy of his post to the Players’ Tribune.

image via WWE