Just Embrace Dad Fashion. Trust Us.

So you’re looking at the world around you and you’re like…what in the #%?! is going on. Why in the hell is everyone out here dressing like their someone’s father? Well, we’re here to encourage you to just embrace “dad fashion”.

The origin of the resurgence of dad fashion can probably be attributed to Bryson Tiller in all honesty, circa 2015. Granted aspects of dad fashion never left the marketplace but the look became very segmented to the older demographic. You know, the demographic it was intended for. And even in the sector of golf, to a degree. But dad fashion when you look at it, it’s not all that bad or at least what the perception of it may be.

As I’ve grown older, a newly minted 26-years old…I reflected internally on my life in this just over a quarter-century mark. I can attest to the early midlife crisis that comes with growing older in a digital world, not too removed from college and my assimilation into the working world. But I say that as a caveat in how I look at my fashion away from the workplace and the adulthood I continue to transition into. So when looking at my fashion, my sense is always changing; it’s the steady balance of being comfortable but picking pieces that fit my liking and may or may not intersect with the present waves at the time. Not only am I looking to be comfortable in terms of what I wear and how I feel physically but it’s a psychological matter as well.

And that is where dad fashion fits so perfectly. While I’m not a dad, I am a godparent but even so the wave reminds me of my childhood. Emulating my father in the 1990s. We wore looser fitted caps, windbreakers, crewnecks when we went out and sweatpants around the house. Our Saturday morning routine to hit the gym for pickup games, it would involve bulky cross-trainers or runners and basketball sneakers on the hardwood. Specifically, the Reebok Rail in his case. Looking at things in a vacuum, in a sense, my fashion sense is coming full circle with my personal embracing of dad fashion. And I’m finding, it’s not so bad after all…

Long gone are the days of trying to impress unsuspecting strangers by wearing my “freshest” sneakers or putting on my best fit. Those days, those notions left circa my 22nd birthday. Ultimately the art of trying to impress goes deeper than the desire to look your best; who does not want to look their best. But it is this innate sense that has come along with the social age in which we live where our worth is valued by the amount of Instagram likes we receive and retweets we get. Again, it is about being comfortable and in this present stage of life, I much rather look to be creative with the pieces I pick and stepping outside of my own comfort zone. Partly why I’ve embraced the dad fashion and I find myself more into tour merch and various aspects of fashion that ultimately reflects the essence of me.

As I pen this blog, I realize, I’m now more like my dad than ever before. Not just in terms of affinity for dad hats and my tech fleece and like for Kanye’s Yeezy 700 Wave Runner and appreciation for Pete Carroll and the Nike Monarch IV….but in terms of my line of thinking, my approach to life. I find myself often quoting him, or thinking of the lessons he taught me, the wisdom bestowed upon me in my youth now that I’m older and drifting further and further from the proverbial nest. In fact, the only difference I can see is I’m just a better dresser than my father. No offense pop.

So whether the draw is a nostalgic feeling or an inward reflection of oneself…or just the desire to switch things up in the wardrobe…embrace it. After all part of life is growth, it’s inevitable to grow and to change. With time and experience your optics begin to sharpen…you learn who you are as an individual; and various things begin to shape your perspective. I basically say all that to say: just embrace the dad fashion, embrace where you are in life; it’s perfectly okay.

Trust Me.