NBA Teams Troll the Phoenix Suns on Eclipse Day

Monday the Great American Eclipse as it was billed swept through the mainland United States. Fourteen states resided in the path of totality as the moon inched its way in front of the sun and past it on its orbit. Sure, the build-up for the celestial event was nauseating and for some the event was underwhelming; specifically those not in the direct path of totality.

The unique thing about the digital world in which we live today is the ability to feel any place, at any time. And in the age of Twitter where memes run rampant on a daily basis; 24/7, 365…a number of NBA teams took to the friendly confines of the platform to poke fun at a certain franchise that was the star of the eclipse (sort of). The Phoenix Suns. Banning together, the Atlanta Hawks; the premier trolling franchise of the NBA, Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves and Brooklyn Nets did their best to spoil the #SolarEclipse2017.

Spoiler Alert: The Suns return fire (no pun intended)