Colette Closing Shop in December

For the industry and the culture this is a sad article to write, a sad report to announce; Colette has announced that this December the brand will be closing shop. December 20th will be the last day Colette will be in business as the announcement of their flagship location in Paris. For two decades, Colette has been a staple in Paris and for the fashion industry…brick-and-mortar locations are disappearing at an alarming rate. The decline of the brick-and-mortar speaks to the infusion and virtual hostile eCommerce takeover, but even through the advent of the internet and the online shopping wave, Colette managed to stand strong.

As of the announcement, Colette is in talks with Saint Laurent to take over the Paris retail space. Colette assures their fans and patrons alike that until December 20th it will be business as usual. A sad and shocking announcement indeed.