Kevin Durant Maintains He’s Still KD in this Documentary

Kevin Durant last summer made a less than popular decision in the eyes of many when he chose to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors. Durant thinking long term, big picture was not chasing just one ring, but multiple. The allure of creating a dynasty was too much for KD to pass up. All the while; Durant maintained it was a decision he could live with and maintained throughout the season and especially during the Warriors’ postseason run is he’s still Kevin. He’s still KD. So much so, the Nike KDX adopted the moniker for its white and chrome color scheme which launched during game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Durant’s journey to his first NBA Championship and his first NBA Finals Most Valuable Player was chronicled every step of the way. Durant made good on the promise he told his mother when he was young, albeit Durant’s accolades and on-court accomplishments will speak for themselves, but what KD cherishes most perhaps is just being Kevin Durant. The documentary directed by Brandon Loper and produced by Avacados and Coconuts in conjunction with Must Be Something begins in April and carries through June.

You can watch “Still KD: Through the Noise” after the jump. Enjoy.