Apple Park Opens Doors to Employees in April

Apple embarked on an adventure and endeavor like no other just a few short years ago. In the time since, the world has marveled at the latest expedition which has been nothing short. An homage to the humble beginnings of Apple and to its most prolific figure, the-late Steve Jobs…Apple Park is an apex ascending look into the future.

apple-park-photo-4-building-closeupThe company’s new 175-acre campus has the appearance of a landed spaceship in Cupertino, California. Boasting a whopping 2.8 million square footage for main building; the exterior is a curvature of glass, making it the world’s largest. It will take over six months to relocate over 12,000 employees to the Apple Park campus.

“Steve’s vision for Apple stretched far beyond his time with us. He intended Apple Park to be the home of innovation for generations to come,” – Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Affirming the homage to Steve Jobs and the company’s humble beginnings…the theater at Apple Park will be named the Steve Jobs Theater and will open later in 2017. Seating 1,000, the auditorium is a glass cylinder standing 20-feet tall atop a hill overlooking the nearby meadows and main building.

“Steve was exhilarated, and inspired, by the California landscape, by its light and its expansiveness. It was his favorite setting for thought. Apple Park captures his spirit uncannily well,” – Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve’s widow

Other features include a visitors center with an Apple Store and cafe which will be open to the public. As well as; 100,000 square-foot fitness center for employees, two miles of running and walking paths. In collaboration with Foster + Partners, Apple Park replaces five million square feet of concrete and asphalt with an environmentally friendly fingerprint. The fingerprint being; grassy fields, 9,000 native and drought resistant trees and powered by 100-percent renewable energy…and 17 megawatts of rooftop solar power.

Oh and there is this zany concept of hidden roadways and underground parking spots, thanks to the neo-futurism design of the campus. Embark on the journey with Apple in this stunning visual captured by a drone in 4K.

Apple Park opens its doors to employees in April.


via Apple