MJ Mondays: Barcelona Days & Barcelona Nights

It has been quite a while since our previous installment of MJ Mondays. We left off in late-March with the Double Nickel game in Madison Square Garden on MJ’s first comeback tour. But as we mulled over various topics and perspectives to begin a fresh batch of installments. We found it fitting to begin where the weekend left off…Barcelona.

This 30th anniversary of Jordan Brand is also the 23rd anniversary of the Air Jordan 7. And in its own right…is perhaps the most historic Jordan silhouette among the current 29. Think of this…before LeBron James accomplished the feat in 2012…only one man; Michael Jordan accomplished this resume in one calendar year. Regular season Most Valuable Player, NBA Champion, NBA Finals MVP and Summer Olympic Gold Medalist. That is quite the calendar year. However you could argue, 1992 is when Jordan began to transcend into pop culture.

Yes, Spike Lee crafted the Mars Blackmon persona in 1989 during the Air Jordan 4’s initial run. But, in 1992…Jordan bridged generations when the Hare Jordan¬†partnership was formed between Nike and Warner Brothers that introduced us to the duo of Michael and Bugs Bunny. Which later spawned a generational film in its own right; Space Jam.

But that comes four years later. Back to Barcelona and 1992. On the basketball side of the coin…Jordan’s amazing year was only magnified walking the streets of Barcelona, Spain. Those summer days and nights have spawned two releases, 23-years later. The ‘Barcelona Nights’ and ‘Barcelona Days’ Air Jordan 7.

dream team barcelona 1992And gaining a marginal assist from the ‘Olympic’ Air Jordan 7. But it was his appearances on the streets of Barcelona along with the other members of the Dream Team that made basketball the international sport it is today.

The effect of the Dream Team spearheaded a culture shock that took Dr. Naismith’s game from the United States to the remaining parts of North America and then to Europe on such a mainstream level. And at the very most forefront of that culture shock was Michael Jordan. Who capped a prolific summer the likes was not seen again for two decades. His presence alone could have caused a culture shift for the game of basketball across the globe. But his presence coupled with his championship and All-Star peers made those Barcelona Days and Barcelona Nights so grandiose. And left a lasting legacy that was re-harnessed in 2004, 2010 and 2012. It is that last legacy and that impact that can be seen in the appropriately named ‘For the Love of the Game’ (Olympic) Air Jordan 7.

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