Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Prelude

Perhaps the highest honor in the sneaker industry for an athlete with a signature line is a retro. It shows that your shoe has withstood the test of time and thus is placed in respected company, ensuring another way your name and legacy will live on. And with Kobe Bryant going nowhere for at least another two seasons, the honor is that much more sweet because the retro will come while he’s still actively playing. The upcoming Prelude Collection features Kobe 1-8 (which we’ll fully cover in a little bit). Scroll through to take a look at the breathtaking Zoom Kobe 1 Prelude.

kobe 1 prelude kobe 1 prelude (2) kobe 1 prelude (4) kobe 1 prelude (3) kobe 1 prelude (5)

via Long7