Baltimore Sneaker Show 2K12 Tale of the Tape

Tomorrow. The biggest sneaker competition west of the Chesapeake Bay will officially be going down! And, it can only be seen if you’re in the house at the Melo Center (1100 E. Fayette St.) for the Baltimore Sneaker Show. Eight participants…$500 to the winner. To win this contest you will need heat, heat and more heat. You might just need a 5-alarm fire to win this competition. Expect to see PEs, OGs, rare kicks, almost anything you could ever want under one roof or even some surprises. The competition is sure to be nothing short of pure craziness.

For this sneaker bout of ultra heavyweight proportions…it’s only appropriate to size up the competition with the Tale of the Tape.

Watch the promo videos and get know four of the competitors vying for the title.

All promos were shot by L7oser….make sure you follow him.


Age: 22

Favorite Sneaker: Nike Air Yeezy “Blink”

I really got into shoes when I was younger. I would always only get 2 pair of shoes a year when I was a kid so I figured when I started making my own money I would buy all the shoes an clothes I want. Martin and The Fresh Prince were a big influence, it’s like whenever I watched that show I wanted there shoes. The thing that keeps me buying sneakers is the colors or the creativity of a shoe besides a Jordan that’s why I wear Jeremy Scott Adidas I think that they are something spectacular an grabs a lot of attention. To my comp. I hope they ready for April 7th OG Jordan’s ain’t gone win u a sneaker competition.


Age: 30

Favorite Sneaker: Air Jordan 9 BIN 23

I always liked sneakers, and what keeps me going is RIP Charles Sharp. We use to go get sneakers together that was my lil cuzo , I guess just growning up seeing my cousins wearing fly kicks. The competition is going to be amazing just like last year…but this year I’ll be in that #1 spot.

Stephen “Duce”

Age: 30

Favorite Sneaker: Air Jordan 3/7 & Nike Air Max Penny/Nike Air Foamposite One “Royal”

Basically I been into sneakers since my 1st pair of Nikes in kindergarten: OG Air Max 1’s.
I don’t even bother to count my sneakers…I would probably get a headache and lose count halfway through. I don’t really chase “hyped up” sneakers, I pretty much buy what I like. I love basketball sneakers. This is my second year in the competition…I guarantee to have at least 5 pairs that none of the other competitors have…


Age: 30

Favorite Sneaker: Air Jordan 5 & Nike Air Command Force High

I been collecting for 15 years,college graduate of Towson University. Masters and undergrad in political sci. Teacher and manager Finish line. I grew up poor in Randallstown and I didn’t buy my first pair of Jordans until I was like 17, I saved up my paychecks from McDonalds. Love the culture, I used to give away a pair of kicks to kids who made the honor roll. But, I’m a humble dude that wish everybody could shine, wish everybody could win…but I hope it’s me.